Methods of replacing brake pads

The time, brake pads:


When lining up at the worn and eaten

When the fat pads

When lining is broken

When the pads out of their natural shape

When lining thickness is too low and transport distances.

When the wheel disk is warped or cracked

The best time is when the oil in the tank, brake pads, be lower than the standard recommended by the manufacturer. In this situation because of wear pads, oil level in the tank goes down. When the oil level to be determined, pads should be replaced. Note that low oil level in the tank due to oil leakage from the brake circuit is not set.
One of the important points at optimum performance brake system, brake pads are properly installed. General Notes brake pads installed according to standards VRI (Association of Manufacturers Brake Germany) and FEMFM (manufacturers of brake pads Europe) as follows:

• discs and brake pads must wear have reached the limit in terms of whether or not, to be examined. Before replacing the brake pads, have all pieces of the shaft and hydraulic system control and all the damaged parts replaced.

• brake disc thickness is measured with a caliper appropriate (given the minimum thickness). Note that the thickness should not drive until the end of the useful life of the new board to be less than the minimum permissible thickness. Based on the type of brakes, wheel bearings or sensors should ring (Kvnyk bearing) to be replaced.


روش های تعویض لنت

• After removing the old brake disc should contact surface and edges of the wheel hub using the appropriate tool (eg wire brushes, sanding paper, etc.) is quite Rust. Be careful when cleaning the hub hurt. Brake calipers that are still connected to the hydraulic system should be tightened is no pressure to not brake pipes.


روش های تعویض لنت

• To clean metal surfaces and the hub of spray cleaner and polisher used.


روش های تعویض لنت

• Rust should be the guide shaft retaining plate and brake cylinders. Depending on the design, by filing a stiff wire brush or adhesive material from the caliper bracket and guide rods Rust and is cleared. Note that when cleaning the brake caliper holder plate not hurt and injury and damage to the eye control.

روش های تعویض لنت
• Clean guide surfaces of brake cylinders with the help of thermal grease without solids (non-metallic) fat. Note that the cream Copper (Copper paste) is not used.


روش های تعویض لنت


• New brake disc on the wheel hub and according to the type of system, to help tighten the screw her. Recommended disk installed to help control the clock puzzler, as measured at about 15 mm from the outer edge is lower. This measure should be mounted on wheels.

 روش های تعویض لنت
• To avoid compaction and twist piston must always return it to its original state with the help of special tools. To perform this action should caliper or brake systems, requirements and tools recommended by the manufacturer be noted.
• Fatty cream soundproof and non-metals such as shims should not be on the back of the brake linings or coatings silencer be used. Lubrication is necessary only for connections between the pads and the guide shaft. Automobile manufacturers recommendations and guidance is essential at all stages of repair.

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