Brake pads features Elig

Brake pads advantage ELIG:

1. quick response in an emergency without tension and noise

2. Perceptions of emergency in all weather conditions (rain and slippery)

3. The non-asbestos (carcinogen)

4. No dust caused by wear pads on the rims wheels

5. The ceramic pads in terms of longevity, the braking distance was in the lead, and silent are compared to other pads.

6. When warming disc and pad, heating ceramic materials to be divided equally in the brake system.

7. The ceramic pads generally coefficient is less corrosion than conventional pads.

8. pads specificity the kinds of cars. (For ingredients)

9. The cost savings
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Brake pads features Elig

brake pad
The second generation of ceramic materials
wheel drive and less noise and lifetime lining the higher it gets.

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Sinter series

brake pad
Metal alloys, mainly of bronze, pads Trmzhavy our Sinter materials under high temperature and pressure that have been made and of high quality to resist wear and friction are important. The metal alloys, long life and high stability against heat. Typically, Sinter materials used in making the original pads.

effective) noted .drjat different materials used for different models of pads used. Any material different combinations for specific applications. This material variety of diverse styles of driving under the covers, from driving on the road to sporting events (using combinations of Sport (S) and Racing and Sport plus a special material is required to drive the wheel.).

Sinter materials and ceramic Elig equally environmentally friendly in production and use.

long life and stability that totally destroys the sound of pads. . Due to the use of environmentally friendly materials in the construction of the pads, the company's products have achieved the objectives of environmental protection.

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Sound reduction

In order to control the sound Vsvt drag, board Alyg exactly with the scale gauge our computer simulation technology have been tested. This ensures that the company has achieved a high standard of NHV to satisfy the needs and demands the most careful drivers.

 shim ESC

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One important part of the volume control and whistling pads, the bond between the shim and back plate. Thermal resistance materials is an issue in a special Trmzs·hm effectiveness of the system. ESC technology is a combination of the two cases mentioned above (shim and back plate). Several layers can be effectively resonant sound and heat transfer under its control. Shim design and performance that is required to consider calipers own, with the pads connected to the back plate. (MBK) above, which are among the largest manufacturers of shoes in the world.
In addition Alyg one of the OEM manufacturers carmaker GM is the United States of America. this unique and unparalleled pads (real ceramics) have entered our country Iran and its interested customers.
real ceramic.

RDC groove

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Groove is mainly used for scattering dust from the shoes. RDC standard layout for each pads Trmzaz computer simulation testing phase will pass. Y-shaped grooves and channels designed to better performance brake pads. High capacity dust grooves can be caused by severe braking Brainstorm will play.


The history of asbestos use and pathogenesis:

Asbestos is derived from the Greek name that means is indestructible. Iranian capitalism asbestos imported from Hndvkysh clothes and put clothes on fire and incombustible asbestos containing them would amaze your guests, according to the resources available, the clothes of asbestos (Azarshab) was made known Shstkh. For academic In 1820, an Italian scientist, first Zdatsh clothes, produced with the use of asbestos fibers. In the early twentieth century, an Austrian engineer named Ludwig Hachk a combination of fiber-cement material, managed to invent a refractory cement, which was met with universal acceptance. Although the use of asbestos-related disease and it is almost symmetric, but at the same time and the first reports of illness caused by asbestos is asbestosis, a hundred years ago in England.
Important properties of asbestos can be categorized and evaluated in the following cases:

1. chemical resistance
2. Heat resistance

The use of asbestos

Every year more than 2 million tons of chrysotile fiber produced in the world that Iran's consumption of this product is approximately 60 tons. Currently, 11 companies producing pipes and asbestos sheets are active in Iran [4].
Asbestos is to consume at least 3,000 different products. About 65 to 70 percent of asbestos used in the manufacture of asbestos-cement products [4]. reduction in power.

The Asbestos

Most products are asbestos, including asbestos-cement pipes, studs and Iranian plates that are used in various industries. Short Azalyaf asbestos in a variety of plastics, paints, asphalt, grease and coated electrodes are used. The average fiber in a variety of laminates, Asbestos-cement pipes, tubes, high voltage (plus LF), flooring, wallpaper, brake pads, clutch cover, thermal insulation (in combination with calcium and magnesium silicate) and acoustic insulation is used. Zdatsh also provide fiber products and heat-resistant products such as theater curtains, clothes rescuers and firefighters, fire extinguishing agents in oil wells, a variety of apron, gloves, clothes entirely, shoe, packaging materials, gaskets, sealants, thermal insulation ( such as for boiler, pipe) electrical insulators, pads (for bands asbestos) and membrane electrical cells are used. Asbestos is used in about 3,000 different products, and it means that we are in contact daily with a variety of products.
The rate of global production in 1954, the amount of 1/67 million tons. This figure of 46% in the former Soviet Union, 29% in Canada, 7% in South Africa, Zimbabwe 4%, 4% is produced in China.

Laws relating to asbestos in Iran and the world:

in which they appeared. Numerous protests against the use of hazardous substances in the world has done, in 1996, French Prime Minister issued an order to ban the use of asbestos. The decree stipulated that restricted the use of asbestos in all products until 2001 and then completely cut off to prevent the environmental pollution caused by asbestos. The action is good in itself.

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