Elig Company Introduction

Company Elig
United states of America and Japan, its unique technology that EFT is that the same technology Elig wear to the world's supply. The product according to the type of vehicle wheel drive, weight, initial acceleration and braking are involved in the type of cases that have been investigated and the final control to be released.
its exclusive representative in Iran and Persian Gulf countries, are distributed.
Brake varying degrees Elig material:
(Standard (s), Advanced (S +), Sports (SP), Sports plus (SP +), Racing (R)
Roughly 90% of the company's products are exported to the United States and also works closely with OEM companies, as well as brake shoes with the brand HITACHI, NISSHINBO, ATE, AKEBONO, and factories and FRENDO BREMBO caliber of its operations. Russia, Italy and Brazil as well as its central warehouse in the United States.
The concept of word meaning Elig
Elig word is derived from the Japanese term means the environmental 俋 霖 Srsbzv rain. The company is a large manufacturer of advanced brake pads grade quality and pollution-free environment is ideal for any vehicle.
Elig manufacturing principles:
Green pads compatible with environment-friendly friends.
Integrity, innovation, teamwork, feedback, quality, service, satisfaction and perseverance
Policies and expectations:
Lent, the decisive factor is vehicle speed, braking performance is no alignment between the requirements do not exist.
Guarantee the quality of every product is proof of the highest standard available.
Utilization of capacity, ability, effort and perseverance in researching and producing and delivering products to its standard level and even beyond.
Selfless effort to minimize the costs of materials so that everyone wear a safe, secure and environmentally friendly benefit.
Adherence to obligations and responsibilities in order to ensure long-term business activities.


Elig corporate vision:

the products of the company are doing continuous efforts to obtain the most recent handled by experts in the industry in order to improve the quality of their products.
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