Technical Information Of Elig Pads

Technical Information

1. What is the durability and life of shoes? What is the right time for new brake pads?
2. Classify your information about Car Boot
3. accurate and updated information for check-ups.
4. Brake technology


What is the life of the pads? What is the right time for new brake pads?
Lifetime pads on factors such as vehicle type, speed, weight, road conditions, material type driving wheel disc brake pads (very important) depends. In general, driving, durability and longevity of the pads by the share of car use on normal streets, highways, or driving terrain is determined.

In normal driving on the street, in front of the board in public vehicles typically 80-60 km and 40-30 km will last automatic cars, the rear brake pads front 2-3 times higher than the Mrkhvahnd.

Brake pads are warning that a pin pad replacement show in the monitor room.
Warning pins brake pads brake pads can be installed on as long as the thickness of the pads is less than
3 - 4mm 2mm in cars and on motorcycles seemed to warn car owners.

When the brake pads are thin, heat resistance hidden in the lining will be reduced. This Amrsrt wear due to heat generated increases. Under these circumstances, the use of these shoes will be worn very dangerous because it can damage the hard disks and pads and even lead to the failure of the brake system.
It is recommended that constantly Czech pads and discs for cracks or cuts in the pads to the brake pads or discs to be done immediately.


Replacement pads and car service:

Tools and features needed for new brake pads. In the process, peer review and scientific requirements. It is recommended this be done by authorized technicians will repair the source.

Your information about Boot vehicle classification:

Before the newly installed lining fully fit your exact location, may be due to a little slip-wheel drive sound.
On the highway instead of lining may take more time. In general, if driving through the combination of urban roads, intercity Vbzrgr sighs done, depending on the situation-wheel drive, full-time snap pads and the disk and its coordination Dvba each other can take up to 100km.

Instead of measuring time should be quite careful because with how the discs may take more time.
1. Avoid sudden braking and fast except in case of emergency.
2. To accelerate the formation of pads 10 times your speed from 100 kph to 20 kph lower, new brake pads when the minimum distance of 5 km smell of shoes will be hot. It then instead of pads will be lost and the smell of the shoes will not be long.
3.atlaat accurate and up-to-date to Czech.
Continuous control during a car service every 6 months or after 6000 km drive is recommended.

In motorcycles, cursory examination every two months because of the proximity of logical disks and calipers. If the motorcycle to Krrat and difficult road conditions used Vnahmvar more likely checkup is required.

Brake technology

Pedal sense-making:
Pedal sense of feedback is to push the brake pedal until you feel the brake power.
Alyg company to have the ability to control Khvdrvtvst Asmynan drivers will have sure its products with dynamometer testing devices (which are high-tech devices United States of America made) the test.
To compare the features of braking and pedal feel Alyg pads with pads Recent viable in the world Please consider the following graph.

The above diagram represents quality is Trmzkhvb Vmrqvbyt pads.

Braking sense:
It is recommended to ask a qualified technician to service the entire brake system.

Screech in Lent:

Typically, several factors are causing noise during Lent, commonly known as whistling shoes, including shoes structure, its ingredients, cover, dirty shoes, wheel disk status, temperature and Rvtvbt

Due hot pads and ways to deal with this problem:

There, among the factors that lead to abnormal increase in pads are heat and temperature. If you require an experienced technician to control the brake system should be consulted.
Kdrv darkening of the color hot pads when it gets dark shoes regularly. Usually in braking to Krrat toggles and height, when the vehicle weight tolerance is exceeded its capacity Vyadr high speeds, resulting in dust from the shoes. Shyarmvjvd they are designed to quickly disperse the dust created.

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